Friday, March 8, 2013

DIY small craft table/ desk

Hi everyone
I am so exited to blog about this! It all started with wanting to learn how to sew, so I decided I needed a work area that wasn't my dinning table. I started to search on Craigslist for a desk or sewing machine table that I cloud make my own, but everything that I found was too big for the space I had in mind. I decided to google (make your own craft table) and got tons of ideas. I could not believe how many people had this great idea, to use book shelves to make a craft table. So simple yet so creative.

This is what I used.

Closetmaid 12.97 at Walmart

MDF at Home-depot 9.00

This was so easy to put together. My husband helped put it together.
Happy crochet :)
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